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Hospital Services

At R.A., we are committed to clinical and management excellence. We continually utilize evidence-based clinical pathways to improve the quality of patient care, and streamline resources in an effort to achieve reductions in your patients length of stay. By performing periodic benchmark studies, we create opportunities to move towards best practices that result in a higher quality of service. We understand how to create and manage a world-class anesthesia department.

R.A. not only provides anesthesia care at your hospital but also specializes in Surgical Suite Management and provides leadership via a Site Director. The Site Director produces an individualized Surgical Suite action plan to streamline the facility’s management of the operating room.

The Site Director is responsible for scheduling and notification of all operating room staff as well as the establishment and enforcement of all procedures. R.A. is committed to making certain that surgeries take place on time and that your operating room maximizes its volume. All of this will be achieved while still providing high quality anesthesia care to our patients.

R.A. will raise the level of service in your hospital’s operating room by appointing a Site Director whose management will:

Provide proper staffing
Ensure on-time surgeries
Reduce cancellations and postponements
Maximize the volume of surgeries in the operating room
Assist in monitoring compliance and safety
Deliver a high level of anesthesia care.