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Ambulatory Surgery Center
Anesthesia Services

Anesthesia care coverage is very important to the success of every Ambulatory Surgery Center. To grow your practice and run it efficiently, you need the strength of the more than 100 medical professionals from Ramapo Anesthesia including dedicated physicians and CRNA’s.

Together with an experienced Site Director, our skillful staff will provide the anesthesia services support that your Ambulatory Surgery Center requires, including:

  • Quality Improvement Programs
  • Quicker Room Turnovers
  • Staffing Models That are Cost Efficient
  • Practical Contracting with Payors
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Documentations and Consent Forms
  • Professionals to Assist with Receiving and Maintaining Accreditations

As your partner, Ramapo Anesthesia will assume the leadership role you need from an anesthesia provider by working closely with surgeons, attending your Center’s meetings and implementing policies and procedures.

Performance Improvement Program
Our track record is impressive, but Ramapo Anesthesia is always striving to improve performance. The Performance Improvement Program, created by Ramapo Anesthesia, is ahead of industry-leading standards and features regular chart reviews, peer assessment and bi-annual performance evaluations. The program also monitors patient treatment, including whether or not treatment results in patient discomfort, or requires additional medical attention. The Performance Improvement Program helps us continually monitor and evaluate the quality of anesthesia services provided to all patients at the facilities we serve.