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Ramapo Anesthesia (R.A.) is headquartered in a 5,500 square-foot office in Suffern, N.Y., where the administrative, billing and one of its many Ramapo Pain Management and Medical Services offices are located. The group’s physician staff has tripled in the past three years and now includes nearly 100 physicians and 30 CRNA’s in the tri-state area.


R.A.’s philosophy is based on delivering the highest quality care to our five customers:

1: The Patient -

Our number one priority is always the patient. Plain and simple – Patients matter most!

2: The Surgeon -

R.A. professionals take the lead to ensure that procedures are on-time and that surgeons will have the necessary resources. If needed, our site directors are the communicators with physicians. In the Operating Room, R.A. physicians continue to provide support to the surgeon so that together we deliver the highest level of attention and care to the patient.

3: The Administration -

Jointly, we work with the administration of each facility to enhance the quality of service and care. We encourage our physicians and leadership to be active participants on Boards and Committees of each hospital. Our leadership knows the importance and maintains constant open lines of communication with the Administration of each facility. If there is ever an issue, we are always available to quickly address and resolve.

4: The Perioperative Staff -

Our professionals work as a team in a friendly environment with all perioperative staff, from housekeepers to nurses. We know that in the communities we serve, each and every person on the team matters. Our patient tomorrow may be our team member, their friend or loved one. We show respect and gratitude to all who work with us for ensuring the job is done well and with compassion.

5: Peers -

Though it may sound cliché, our professionals check their egos at the door when it comes to working with their peers. All R.A. staff work respectfully with each other to make certain the highest level of care is provided in a positive atmosphere. At each facility we have a site director who oversees all activities – this guarantees that no one is left on their own without proper support and relief. We have experienced tremendous growth in the last 3 years and we still maintain a turnover rate that is the lowest in the industry (under one percent).


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